Our Mission

Promoting art and mentoring the next generation of artists while expanding the art community in our own backyard

Exhibitions and Events:

ArtWorks DeLand hosts regular exhibitions featuring local artists, as well as curated shows that showcase diverse artistic styles and mediums. By providing a platform for artists to display their work, the organization promotes art within the community and encourages public engagement with the arts.

Community Engagement:

ArtWorks DeLand actively engages with the community through events and partnerships that promote art appreciation and participation. By collaborating with schools, businesses, and other organizations, we strive to make the arts accessible to all.


At ArtWorks DeLand, our artist members form a tight-knit community built on mentorship and camaraderie. Established artists generously share their expertise with emerging talents, fostering a culture of learning and growth. This spirit of collaboration extends to all members, who come together to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and support one another. Through this collective effort, we not only promote art and mentor the next generation of artists but also strengthen the art community in our own backyard.


At ArtWorks DeLand, we infuse our passion for art with a healthy dose of fun! From lively discussions in the gallery to spontaneous collaborative projects, our members embrace the joy of creativity at every turn. Whether we’re hosting themed events, organizing art-making parties, or simply sharing laughs over a cup of coffee, the sense of camaraderie and enjoyment is palpable. Even as we pursue our mission of promoting art and mentoring the next generation of artists, we find that the process itself is enriched by the laughter, friendships, and shared moments of delight that make our community truly special.